Emerging artist of with focus on primitivism, art-brut and science art. Live and work in Belgrade (Serbia).

In 2021 graduated the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov with honors as a graphic artist. In 2018 received a gold medal from the Academy of Arts.

One of my favorite techniques is lithography.

I admire the creativity of those why are on the outside of the established art scene, for example psychiatric hospital patients and children, for their clarity of form and sharp plastic language - without embellishment and trying to please everyone. And, of course, the color! It seems that color alone can talk to the viewer about any problem without using anything else.

It is incredibly interesting to study the unsightly side of human nature - wildness, underdevelopment, limitation, even a certain weakness. You observe with curiosity how a person behaves, which is not accepted by a "healthy" society - the absolute majority. It often arises about whether these crowds of people who consider themselves to be strong in soul and body are so right? Are they so healthy? What is the norm? And where does this border lie between your own illusory ideas about the world and the essence of things?

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