Drawing, painting and composition teacher for children 5-17 and adults.
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My name is Margarita: I graduated with honors from the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named V.I.Surikov, faculty of graphics.

In my free time from teaching, I work as an independent artist doing my own exhibition projects. I will prepare you for the best art university exams successfully, help you improve the level of drawing and just teach you how to draw for yourself.

I love students and consider this a very important condition for the success of a teacher. I like the process of teaching my students, to find an approach to them.
3 years
Three years of experience working with students
150 students
From kids to adults
My students go to the best art departments


Preparing school students for acceptance to art universities
Working with little children for general development
Explaining the laws of composition and drawing in practice
Helping you learn to think outside the box
Cost of lessons
Designed for a group of 1-3 people.
One lesson lasts 1.5 hours (2 academic hours of 45 minutes)
For adults and children from 15 years old, the option of 3 hours is considered ( 4 academic hours of 45 minutes)
First lesson

At the first lesson, we get to know the student, I determine the level of drawing and draw up a full-fledged training program.
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Teaching method
At the first lesson, we will get to know each other and determine your level of knowledge. The lesson is free.
I make an individual training program for each student, depending on his level.
Each lesson we analyze in detail the homework and summarize the progress of the student.
If the goal is to enter a university, we periodically go together for viewings at an educational institution of interest.
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064 351 3136
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